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Exploring HVNP Kilauea Summit Sunrise/Sunset Tour includes the following, but not limited to:

Explore the world's most continuously erupting volcano on planet earth! This tour's main focus is exploring inside the HVNP in depth. Visiting all park highlights, and then hitting the trail, taking you to sights "off the beaten path" that only Akamai Adventures hold special use permits to travel. The sites you will visit are the following, but not limited to:

Explore active volcanic craters, steam vents, crater rim trails, and recently cooled lava inside the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park (HVNP)

Thurston (Nahaku) Lava Tube exploration.

Small .5 hike along the crater's rim to Kilauea Iki.

Hike along the Kilauea Iki craters rim, reliving the largest lava fountain recorded prior to 1959 or since then...

Heading down Chain of Craters road with many stops along the way including a .70 to .50 mile hike (little less than a mile).

Lu'u Manu: Walk on frozen fire (very recently cooled lava!).

Hike to Mars: We will take you places you will feel as if you landed on Mars.

Lastly, your guide will share your "off the beaten path" hike options allowing you to decide, if time allows.

Starting (Sunrise Tour) or ending (Sunrise Tour) your tour viewing the summit eruption if weather & nature allows

Start Time:

Sunrise Tour-Between 4:30 AM - 10 AM; you choose a start time that works for you!

*you need to start at 4:30 AM to experience true sunrise*

Sunset Tour-Between 3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Duration: Tour duration tends to END 3.5 to 5.5 hours after chosen start time

Trip Rate: $275.00 Per Person for a party of 2 = $550.00

Price is ALL inclusive of transportation once inside the HVNP, food supplies (snacks & beverages), and some gear (raincoats, tripod, spotting scope and binoculars).

Kilauea Summit Glow Sunrise Explorer:

Discover the geology & mythology of the most active volcano on earth. Tour will consists of the highlights of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park starting at the Halemaumau Crater​ for lava viewing, continuing around the crater rim. We have special permits to access the most spectacular areas of the park!! Hike off the beaten path Mauna Ulu or Kilauea Iki to mention a few spectacular hikes. All tours are private and exclusive, however most affordable when compared to ANY other company on island. Now that's Akamai (Smart)!!!    

Kilauea Evening Summit Glow Volcano Explorer: 

Experiencing the GLOW - Lava Viewing : Our most popular adventure.

Exploring HVNP will include, but not limited too the following:

Thurston (Nahaku) Lava Tube exploration

Small .5 hike along the crater's rim to Kilauea Iki

Kilauea Iki

Heading down chain of craters road with many stops along the way including .70 to .50 mile hike (little less than a mile)

Lua Manu: Walk on frozen fire (very recent cooled lava!)

After the above sites, your guide will share your "off the beaten path" hike options best for you & yours'. We end the tour at the summit viewing the active lake of Lava that radiates and lights up the whole night sky! A memory that will last a lifetime! 

Volcano Adventure with Private Cave Tour: 

This tour brings you to the highlights of the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The Kazumura Cave is five miles outside of HVNP on private property. Kazumura Cave is the longest cave in the state at 40.7 miles (65.5 km) surveyed, it's the longest known continuous lava tube in the world, and the DEEPEST cave in the UNITED STATES at 3613 feet. This tour is guided by a lava tube expert whom also is an accomplished caving author. No children under 12--price includes park entrance and caving equipment, however certain attire must be worn.   

Hilo Town Waterfalls & Hamakua Treasures: 

This tour will start off at Queen Lili'uokalani Gardens,then exploring the black sand beach in search of Honu, endangered green sea turtles, next onto the gorgeous Hamakua Coast. Beautiful Onomea Bay with option of hiking down to bay. The scenic drive brings us to Honomu Town for food and shopping and then a beautiful rainforest walk at spectacular 'Akaka Falls!!! Aloha!

"Our tour guides, Hayley and Tyler were the BEST!! They provided a wealth of information and made the trip both educational, entertaining, and thoroughly enjoyable. Highly recommended!"

-Bill & Jeanie Pemberton, Post Falls, ID

How do I make a reservation? 

You can call us 808-640-1618, email ([email protected]) or text us-we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every trip is custom created to fit your needs, so we do not do any third party bookings. The same folks that help plan your adventure and make your reservation, are also your guides. We are owner operated every step of the way, ensuring nothing gets lost in translation. It also guarantees that every trip will have excellent service. We accept Cash, Travelers Checks and the following Credit Cards: MasterCard, Visa and Discover. We look forward to serving you!

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